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Borat Mankini

Borat Mankini


From: Atlantis Fancy Dress

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Fancy Dress Rochdale is a website dedicated to, well, fancy dress in Rochdale! There are several fancy dress shops in the Rochdale area, serving customers from all around, including Rochdale, Oldham, Shaw, Newhey, Milnrow, Royton, Littleborough, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and even Manchester!

History of Fancy Dress

One of the earliest influences on fancy dress parties in the UK could have been the masked balls during the 18th Century. However, the roots of modern fancy dress parties come predominantly from the Victorians and Edwardians. One of the most notable early fancy dress events was the Chelsea Arts Club Ball. The event was often hosted in the Royal Albert Hall, though since 1980 it has been held in a tent in the club's garden. It should be noted, however, that events like this were quite elaborate and tended to comprise of people from more prosperous backgrounds. However, as fancy dress costumes became more popular, the wider population began to hold their own costume parties, with significant increases in their appearance being noted from the late 1940s and onwards. Costumes worn to these parties tended to be simple, often homemade, outfits. Around 1970, it became more common to find better quality costumes available to hire, although many still opted to make their own. The next major influence on the UK fancy dress market was the increased availability of cheaper costumes imported from places in the Far East, particularly China, from the late 1990s and onwards. There seems to be a growing trend of consumers purchasing fancy dress costumes rather than hiring one. This is increasingly true as online shopping grows. It is not uncommon for a costume to be sold online for the same price it would be hired out for on the high street. Amongst popular costumes so far in 2008 are the Borat Mankini, due to the Borat film and Gorilla Costumes, due to the recent Cadbury's advert. These costumes can be found at many of the online fancy dress stores, such as Atlantis Fancy Dress based in Rochdale, at much better prices than their highstreet counterparts.